Category management for Outlook®

Share Outlook ® color categories.

Exchange Category Manager is a plug-in for Exchange server 2010, 2013, 2016 or office 365.  Without any interaction to the user's pc or Outlook® it enables you to manage and share Outlook® categories and colors that are available to the users in Outlook® 2007 and higher by directly managing their Outlook master category list.

You can define an unlimited number of color category definition groups with different users per group. Each group can have it's own set of categories and colors that the users can choose from in Outlook (mac) or OWA (Outlook web access).

Per user group you can either add color categories to the existing list that a user already has in Outlook or replace all categories with the predefined list of categories and colors for the group of users that this user is in.

If you have more than a hand full of Outlook users and they use color categories in shared and delegate (calendars, contacts or email) folders then this tool is for you.  Only then you can be sure that, when one user selects a certain color for a item, all other users will see the same color.

The plug-in is built with the Exchange Webservices API and can be installed on any 64 bit server that can connect to the Exchange server. It can safely run from the Exchange server itself too. The product is a spinn-off from Exchange Group Calendar where category management is essential to ensure uniformity in the public calendars.

This is not an Outlook add-in so it does not have to be installed on every computer.

The installation does not add or replace dll's on the server and does not use the registry. Uninstalling is a matter of deleting the install directory and nothing will be left on the server.