Januari 2020: Version 1.06  You can now tell the software to use TLS1.2 (if TLS1.0 and 1.1 have been disabled on your server) For this add to the config.ini file

April 2019 : Version 1.05. Password in catman console now encrypted plus a new option to delete individual categories from the category list of the users. (to update, replace the executables on your server by those in the trial version zip file. Important: Enter the password of the catmanadmin in the console again after updating.

August 2017 : small update to remove an error in the first  log file when using office 365 - version 1.04

April 2017 : No updates required for exchange server 2016.

4/23/14 : Users that never used categories had to manually create one custom category before the software was able to manipulate their category list. This has been fixed. The CatMan software now creates the categorylist for them.

To update from a previous version, stop the ECM service,  replace the ExchangeCategoryManager_EWS.exe and start the ECM service. - version 1.03

5/14/13 : Support for Exchange 2013. To update from a previous version, stop the service,  replace the EXE files and the webservices dll. - version 1.02

 4/18/12 : CatAdmin.exe bug fix (truncation of long category definition) - version 1.01

2/28/12 : version 1.0 initial release